World War I

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"World War One" and "Great War" redirect here. For other uses, see World War One (disambiguation) and Great War (disambiguation).
"WW1" and "WWI" redirect here. For the album by White Whale, see WWI (album).
World War I
Date 28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918 (Armistice)
Location Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands, China and off the coast of South and North America
Result Allied victory
Allied (Entente) Powers

 France British Empire British Empire

 Russia (1914–17)
 Italy (1915–18)
 United States (1917–18)
 Romania (1916–18)
 Greece (1917–18)
Portugal (1916–18)
...and others

Central Powers


 Ottoman Empire
 Bulgaria (1915–18)

Darfur (1914-16)
Dervish State
Jabal Shammar
...and others

Commanders and leaders
Allied leaders

French Third Republic Georges Clemenceau
French Third Republic Raymond Poincaré
French Third Republic Ferdinand Foch
British Empire H. H. Asquith
British Empire David Lloyd George
British Empire Douglas Haig
Russian Empire Nicholas II
Russian Empire Nicholas Nikolaevich
Russian Empire Aleksei Brusilov
Kingdom of Italy Victor Emmanuel III
Kingdom of Italy Vittorio Orlando
Kingdom of Italy Luigi Cadorna
United States Woodrow Wilson
United States John J. Pershing
Kingdom of Romania Ferdinand I
Kingdom of Romania Constantin Prezan
Empire of Japan Taishō
Kingdom of Serbia Peter I
Kingdom of Serbia Radomir Putnik
...and others

Central Powers leaders

German Empire Wilhelm II
German Empire Paul von Hindenburg
German Empire Erich Ludendorff
German Empire Erich von Falkenhayn
German Empire Helmuth von Moltke
Austria-Hungary Franz Joseph I (1914–16)
Austria-Hungary Karl I (1916–18)
Austria-Hungary Conrad von Hötzendorf
Austria-Hungary Arz von Straußenburg
Ottoman Empire Enver Pasha
Ottoman Empire Liman von Sanders
Ottoman Empire Talaat Pasha
Ottoman Empire Djemal Pasha
Ottoman Empire Mustafa Kemal
Kingdom of Bulgaria Ferdinand I
Kingdom of Bulgaria Nikola Zhekov
...and others


Russian Empire 12,000,000
British Empire 8,841,541
French Third Republic 8,660,000
Kingdom of Italy 5,615,140
United States 4,743,826
Kingdom of Romania 1,234,000
Empire of Japan 800,000
Kingdom of Serbia 707,343
Belgium 380,000
Kingdom of Greece 250,000
Total: 42,959,850

German Empire 13,250,000
Austria-Hungary 7,800,000
Ottoman Empire 2,998,321
Kingdom of Bulgaria 1,200,000
Total: 25,248,321

Casualties and losses
Military dead:
Military wounded:
Military missing:
22,477,500 KIA, WIA or MIA ...further details.
Military dead:
Military wounded:
Military missing:
16,403,000 KIA, WIA or MIA ...further details.

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