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The Television Critics Association (TCA) is a group of approximately 200 United States and Canadian journalists and columnists who cover television programming. They meet in Pasadena, California twice a year, in January and July, in conferences known as Winter and Summer Press Tours.

Press Tours

A TCA Press Tour allows the major television networks, cable networks and the Public Broadcasting Service to present their slate of upcoming programs to a large group of press writers from different outlets all at once through panels and interviews. These biannual conferences involve registered TCA members staying at a chosen Los Angeles venue for two to three weeks, and each network is assigned a series of days to showcase their programming.

The January 2008 Press Tour was canceled in December 2007 as a direct result of the 2007-08 Writers Guild of America strike.

TCA Awards

Main article: TCA Awards

The organization sponsors the TCA Awards, honoring television excellence in 11 categories, which are presented every summer.


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