Philippine Revolution

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Philippine Revolution

The first prisoners of the Filipino revolution in 1896.
Date 1896–1898
Location Philippines (Southeast Asia)
Result Filipino victory
Sovereign Tagalog Nation
 First Philippine Republic
supported by:

 United States
limited aid:
Japan Empire of Japan
Russia Russian Empire
United Kingdom British Empire

Commanders and leaders
Andrés Bonifacio Executed

First Philippine Republic Emilio Aguinaldo
United States George Dewey

Spain Ramón Blanco
Spain Camilo de Polavieja
Spain Fernando Primo de Rivera
Spain Basilio Augustín
Spain Fermin Jáudenes
Zaide, Valenzuela: 30,000; Ponce: 150,000; Pardo de Tavera: 400,000[not in citation given] 12,700-17,700 before the Revolution, around 55,000 (30,000 Spanish; 25,000 Filipino) by 1898
Casualties and losses
Official casualties are unknown. Official casualties are unknown.

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