Pai Chai University

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Pai Chai University

Serve others, if you wish to be great.

크고자 하거든 남을 섬기라.
Established 1885
Type Private
President Kim, Young-Ho
Admin. staff 570
Students 14,199
Undergraduates 13,182
Postgraduates 1,017
Location Daejeon, South Korea
Campus Urban
Mascot Tiger, Ginkgo biloba, Yulan
Pai Chai University
Hangul 배재대학교
Hanja 培材大學校
Revised Romanization Baejae Daehakgyo
McCune–Reischauer Paejae Taehakkyo

Pai Chai University is one of South Korea's oldest modern universities. Its campus is located in Seo-gu, in Daejeon metropolitan city, on the lower slopes of Yeonja Mountain. It has a present-day student body of about 14,000. Undergraduate programs are administered by the Colleges of Humanities, Foreign Studies, Business Administration, Social Sciences, Tourism Management, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Performing Inter-media Arts and Fine Arts. Numerous graduate programs in these fields are provided as well.


The school was founded by the missionary Henry Appenzeller in 1885, not long after the Joseon government had legalized Christianity and reformed the national educational system. At that time it was known as Baejae Hakdang (배재학당), which might be rendered as "Pai Chai Academy." It was officially established as a college in 1895.


Pai Chai University has 5 colleges.

  • College of Howard (Global Humanities)
  • College of Seo Jaepil [Philip Jaisohn] (Business Social Sciences Law)
  • College of Appenzeller (Sciences and Engineering)
  • College of Kim Soweol [Kim Sowol] (Tourism and Arts)
  • College of Ju Sigyeong

Graduate schools

  • Graduate Programs
  • Graduate School of Information and Communications
  • Graduate School of International Business and Commerce
  • Graduate School of Law
  • Graduate School of Tourism Management
  • Graduate School of Public Administration

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