Operation Azul

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Argentine invasion of the Falklands
Part of the Falklands War
Date 2 April 1982
Location Stanley, Falkland Islands
Result Argentine victory
  • Argentina seizes control of the Falkland Islands
  • Beginning of the Falklands War
United Kingdom United Kingdom Argentina Argentina
Commanders and leaders
Governor Rex Hunt
Major Mike Norman RM
Major Gary Noott RM
Major Phil Summers FIDF
Rear Admiral Carlos Büsser
Lieutenant commander Guillermo Sánchez-Sabarots
Lieutenant commander
Pedro Giachino 
57 marines
11 RN sailors
25–40 FIDF and some volunteer civilians
600 troops
(some 80 actually clashed with British forces)
Casualties and losses
96–114 POWs
Several military trucks and jeeps disabled by gunfire
3 coastal boats confiscated
3 small planes confiscated
1 killed
3 wounded
1 Amtrac vehicle slightly damaged

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