October Revolution

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"Red October" redirects here. For other uses, see Red October (disambiguation).
This article is about the Soviet Revolution of 1917. For other uses, see October Revolution (disambiguation).
Great October Socialist Revolution
Part of the Russian Revolution, Revolutions of 1917–23 and the Russian Civil War

Red Guards at Vulkan factory in 1917.
Date 7–8 November 1917
Location Petrograd, Russia
Result Bolshevik victory
Left SRs
Red Guards
2nd All-Russian Congress of Soviets
Russian Republic (to November 7)
Russian Provisional Government (to November 8)
Commanders and leaders
Vladimir Lenin
Leon Trotsky
Pavel Dybenko
Russia Alexander Kerensky
10,000 red sailors, 20,000–30,000 red guard soldiers 500–1,000 volunteer soldiers, 1,000 soldiers of women's battalion
Casualties and losses
Few wounded red guard soldiers All deserted

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