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The Nissan 200SX (originally Datsun 200SX until the early 1980s) is an automobile nameplate that has been used on various export specification Nissan automobiles between 1975 and 2002.

Nissan Silvia based

Main article: Nissan Silvia

Between 1975 and 2002, Nissan retailed the Silvia as the 200SX in some export markets. Six generations were constructed, with new models released in 1979, 1984, 1989, 1993, and 1999. A number of these cars, in both coupe and hatchback body styles, received different nameplates depending on the importers.

First generation (S10; 1975–1979)
(North America)
Main article: Nissan Silvia
Second generation (S110; 1979–1984)
(most export markets)
Main article: Nissan Silvia
Third generation (S12; 1984–1989)
(North America)
Main article: Nissan Silvia
Fourth generation (S13; 1989–1993)
(Europe, South Africa)
Main article: Nissan 180SX
Fifth generation (S14; 1993–1999)
(most export markets)
Main article: Nissan Silvia
Sixth generation (S15; 1999–2002)
(Australia, New Zealand)
Main article: Nissan Silvia

Nissan Lucino based

Main article: Nissan Lucino

Between 1995 and 1998, Nissan retailed the Lucino coupe as the 200SX in the United States and Canada.

B14 (1995–1998)
Main article: Nissan Lucino

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