Japanese occupation of the Philippines

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Japanese Occupation of the Philippines
Part of the Pacific theater of World War II

A Japanese soldier standing in front of an American propaganda poster during the occupation of the Philippines in 1943.
Date 1942-45
Location Philippines
Result Philippine Commonwealth government in exile (1942-1944)
Allied victory; Allied forces liberate the Philippines (1944-1945)
Second Republic dissolved
 United States  Empire of Japan Hukbalahap

Unaffiliated Moro Muslim insurgents

Commanders and leaders
United States General of the Army Douglas MacArthur
Commonwealth of the Philippines President Manuel L. QuezonDied at Saranac Lake, New York
Commonwealth of the Philippines President Sergio Osmeña
Datu Gumbay Piang
Salipada Pendatun
Sultan of Sulu Jainal Abirin
Sultan of Ramain Alonto
Japan Governor-General Masaharu Homma
Japan Governor-General Shizuichi Tanaka
Japan Governor-General Shigenori Kuroda
Japan Governor-General Tomoyuki Yamashita
Second Philippine Republic President José P. Laurel
Chairman Luis Taruc
Units involved
Moro-Bolo Battalion
Maranao Militia
Hukbalahap fighters

Moro Juramentados

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