Invasion of Leyte

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This article is about the battle on the island of Leyte. For the naval battle, see Battle of Leyte Gulf.
Battle of Leyte
Part of the Pacific Theatre of World War II

General Douglas MacArthur and staff land at Palo Beach, Leyte, 20 October 1944.
Date 17 October 1944 – 1 July 1945:324
Location Leyte Island, Philippines
10°57′N 124°50′E / 10.950°N 124.833°E / 10.950; 124.833Coordinates: 10°57′N 124°50′E / 10.950°N 124.833°E / 10.950; 124.833
Result Decisive Allied victory
 United States

 Commonwealth of the Philippines

 Empire of Japan

 Second Philippine Republic

Commanders and leaders
United States Douglas MacArthur
United States Walter Krueger
United States Franklin C. Sibert
United States John R. Hodge
Commonwealth of the Philippines Ruperto C. Kangleon
Empire of Japan Tomoyuki Yamashita
Empire of Japan Sōsaku Suzuki
Empire of Japan Shiro Makino 
Empire of Japan Tsunehiro Shirai 
Empire of Japan Yoshimi Adachi 
Empire of Japan Kyoji Tominaga:39
United States 257,766:324
Commonwealth of the Philippines 3,189 guerrillas
Japan 59,400-61,800:324
Casualties and losses
United States 3,504 killed
11,991 wounded
89 missing:337
49,790 killed:324
389 captured
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  • Soldiers of the 184th Infantry, 7th ID in the Pacific, 1943–1945
  • U.S. Intelligence Report on Japanese Use of Mines on Leyte
  • MacArthur Landing Memorial Park (Red Beach, Palo, Leyte, Philippines)

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