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Innovation Norway is a state-owned company started in 2004 that replaced four governmental organizations. These organizations were:

The goal of Innovation Norway is to promote nationwide industrial development with focus on both the business economy and Norway's national economy. It also has the goal of releasing the potential of the different districts and regions in Norway by contributing to innovation, internationalisation and promotion. Innovation Norway has offices in all the Norwegian counties, with the head office in Oslo. It also has offices in 30 countries around the world. Innovation Norway runs which won three Webby Awards in 2009.

Innovation Norway has over 500 employees worldwide and has supported maritime transportation, biotechnology,thin film,alternative fuel and many other types of projects.

The evergreen investment company Investinor was established in 2008 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Innovation Norway. Investinor's mandate is to invest in private companies aiming for international growth and expansion. In December 2012 the ownership was transferred to the Ministry of trade and industry.

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