Deputy Premier of Queensland

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Deputy Premier of Queensland
Jeff Seeney
Style The Honourable
Appointer Governor of Queensland
Term length At the Governor's pleasure
Formation 17 September 1903
First holder Andrew Henry Barlow

The Deputy Premier of Queensland is a role in the Government of Queensland assigned to a responsible Minister in the Australian state of Queensland. It has second ranking behind the Premier of Queensland in Cabinet, and its holder serves as Acting Premier during absence or incapacity of the Premier. The Deputy Premier may either be appointed by the Premier during the cabinet formation process, or may be elected by caucus; during periods of Coalition government, the leader of the junior coalition partner is usually automatically selected for the role. Due to the contingent role of the Deputy Premier, they almost without exception always have additional ministerial portfolios.

Until December 1974, although the role carried the same responsibilities (especially during the absence of the Premier) it was never formally recognised or titled as such; the first reference in Hansard to a Deputy Premier was during the Forgan Smith Ministry in 1936, but the term was in common use in newspapers from as early as 1892, when a minister in the First Griffith Ministry was criticised for his performance in the role.

List of Deputy Premiers of Queensland

Name Took Office Affiliation
Andrew Henry Barlow 17 September 1903 Liberal; Kidston
Digby Denham 19 November 1907 Conservative
Andrew Henry Barlow 19 February 1908 Kidston; Ministerial
Digby Denham 22 June 1909 Ministerial
Thomas O'Sullivan 7 February 1911 Ministerial; Liberal
Ted Theodore 1 June 1915 Labor
John Fihelly 22 October 1919 Labor
William Gillies 8 February 1922 Labor
William McCormack 26 February 1925 Labor
William Forgan Smith 22 October 1925 Labor
Reginald King 21 May 1929 CPNP
Percy Pease 18 June 1932 Labor
Frank Cooper 24 September 1940 Labor
Ned Hanlon 16 September 1942 Labor
Ted Walsh 7 March 1946 Labor
Vince Gair 15 May 1947 Labor
Tom Foley 17 January 1952 Labor
John Duggan 16 March 1953 Labor
Ted Walsh 7 June 1957 QLP
Kenneth Morris 12 August 1957 Liberal
Alan Munro 26 September 1963 Liberal
Gordon Chalk 23 December 1965 Liberal
Joh Bjelke-Petersen 1 August 1968 Country
Gordon Chalk 8 August 1968 Liberal
William Knox 13 August 1976 Liberal
Llewellyn Edwards 9 October 1978 Liberal
Bill Gunn 19 August 1983 National
Tom Burns 7 December 1989 Labor
Joan Sheldon 19 February 1996 Liberal
Jim Elder 26 June 1998 Labor
Paul Braddy 22 November 2000 Labor
Terry Mackenroth 30 November 2000 Labor
Anna Bligh 28 July 2005 Labor
Paul Lucas 13 September 2007 Labor
Andrew Fraser 16 September 2011 Labor
Jeff Seeney 26 March 2012 LNP


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