Albert Verwey

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Albert Verwey
by Jan Veth
Albert Verwey
by Jan Veth

Albert Verwey (Amsterdam, May 15, 1865 - Noordwijk aan Zee, March 8, 1937) was a Dutch poet associated with the "Movement of Eighty".

Albert Verwey was born May 15, 1865, Amsterdam, Neth. Died March 8, 1937, Noordwijk aan Zee. He was a Dutch poet, scholar, and literary historian who played an important role in the literary life of The Netherlands in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Verwey began to write poetry early in life, and his first book of poems, Persephone, was published in 1883. He was a cofounder in 1885 of the periodical De nieuwe gids (“The New Guide”), which was one of the chief organs of the Dutch literary revival of the 1880s. Verwey contributed sonnets and other poems to this periodical.

Although no Dutch writer has won the Nobel Prize in Literature he is among Dutch writers to have been nominated by multiple people.


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